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Second to last day on vacation in California:

- it's been raining and 10 degrees at home (I think that's about 40 - 45 F), the whole time we've been gone. So the vacation has been a win from the start :)

- We're staying in a time share with a kitchen...I bought groceries at Trader Joe's and am IN LOVE. I seriously paid less there than I would have at home for non fancy-pants stuff.

- Wine is cheap and the exchange favours me. It's a match made in heaven.

- I need to figure out a way to vacation all the time. Obviously I've chosen wrong in my current job, but I don't think that roving product manager is a viable work option.

- It's been Sponge Bob Square Pants all the time on TV. Not sure what's up with this channel, but Jet is in love. Once we force him out of the pool of course.

- We met a grandma/grandpa couple that I totally want to be when I grow up. He sounds like the bear from Toy Story 3 which Jet finds amusing.

- I'm not sure what's blooming right now, but there are flowers and flowering trees everywhere. It looks and smells heavenly.

Hope everything is going well for you on this day before Friday!
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