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Well, once again, it's been eleventy billion years since I've posted, but I do read my FL every day...promise.

All is well etc.etc. Looking forward to December when the work project is done and we go on vacation (1 week to Florida, then hop a plane to Cancun for Christmas week).

Looking through my Google Docs this morning and found Fic Pieces! Which is good because I'm thinking of signing up for a fic exchange and needed inspiration!

Giles/Anya - start of a Summer of Giles entry. I can't get the thought out of my head that Annyanka and Ripper had met before.

“I haven’t seen a Thion demon since--” he broke off distractedly, still not comfortable sharing his past with Anya. “Well, for a very long time.” he finished.

Anya leaned over his shoulder glancing at the drawing he was looking at. “It wasn’t a Thion demon.” she said absently as she continued restocking the shelves.

Giles looked closer at the description, just to be sure. “Yes it is.”

“*That* is a Thion demon, yours wasn’t.”


“Coloring is all wrong. And the brow ridge is different.”


“You said you hadn’t been in England for ages.”

“I wasn’t.”


“And neither were you. God, do you remember any of your youth?”

“Enough to know what country I was in, yes.”

“Obviously not.” she muttered.


“Why have you never told me this before?”

“You never asked. And I’m trying to be more selective in the information that I expose to you. Xander says it’s the human thing to do.”

“I find it hard to believe..."

“Well there were a lot of hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol consumed so I can understand if you don’t remember.”

McCoy/Chapel - AOS where Christine is engaged to Roger.

She had gotten so damn comfortable with him, with them, that she didn't even consider anything was wrong. She knew there could be something between them, a person would have to be stupid not to.

So one night she brought it up. Point blank.

He stared at her for a long moment before grabbing her hand and slowly, but very gently, bringing it up to his mouth.

And pressed his lips to the spot on her left ring finger that should have been bearing a ring.

She had forgotten.

But he hadn't.
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