Jan. 1st, 2010

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I wrote Tipping Point for [livejournal.com profile] falsemurmur It's a That 70s Show Jackie/Hyde fic, which should surprise no one :)

Assignment details: an alternative version of the last season would be perfection, with some jackie/hyde. all without the sacrifice of the characters' essence, and an inclusion of the general cast would be awesome. i don't mind angst, but some light fun would be great here and there.

I was super happy to get this assignment because while I knew I could do other fandoms this is the one I'm most familiar with. Even if I hadn't seen the last season :) As I was looking through the episode synopsis I figured that the perfect man list that Jackie writes was the point where things went totally downhill. So I changed it :) And I had a fun time doing it too, just wish there was more time since i like to take forever to finish things.

It's funny how Yuletide works out, I got the fic I most wanted to read and I got the chance to write the one I was more familiar with.

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