Mar. 19th, 2010

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I plan vacations like I plan work. Start with a wish list and then prioritize from there. My wish list currently has twice as many destinations as I have vacation weeks and would cost a fortune, so somethings gotta give :)

Looks like the trip to Ireland won't happen this year. Which is too bad, but I'm sure I'll go at some point. So I went looking for other places and came up with Nashville. I don't know when's a good time to go (Summer, Fall?) or what to do, but we've always wanted to go.

Also started planning a trip to Florida for the Food and Wine festival at Epcot. Because I want to go and spend way too much to eat. This may mean not going to California in the spring...since, not made of money. We'll see.

And...have lost one more thing in my house. First it was the special features disc to a movie (I am suspicious that Adam "lost" it, since he's opposed to commentary, making of, blooper reals and deleted scenes...I showed him though and bought a new one) now it's a travel book. I think I need to spend a day or two really cleaning the house.

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