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Holiday here today, so no work until Monday...very happy.

I have 9 days to come up with something for [livejournal.com profile] summer_of_giles so I'll be taking my laptop to mom and dads today in hopes that the country air will allow some sort of creativity. Unfortunately I watched Live Free or Die Hard last night and I can't get it out of my head. Stupid action movies :)
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Happy Solstice Everyone!

Sunrise at 5:20 this morning, Sunset at 11:00. That's one long day :)

Trying to figure out my vacation days this morning. Turns out I have enough time I could take a week off a month for the rest of the year. Sadly I am lacking the funds to do anything interesting during that time. (Even though my sister and I priced out a trip to London in the fall; $1500 for flight, hotel and transfers...tempting, very tempting).
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I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] wild_photos "Where I Live Weekend", which is July 10th and 11th. Conveniently also the first days of the Calgary Stampede, so I hope to show some Before and After photos...because for 10 days we do have a lot of cowboys, it's not always like that. Mostly.

We're going to an Adult Social tonight as a fundraiser for Jet's Little League. They have a silent auction with some kick-ass prizes...someone even donated a trip to Costa Rica. If I can manage to stay awake until 1am I might come away with something.

My [livejournal.com profile] summer_of_giles entry is coming along not at all. But I did have a good idea for a very light Ripper/Anyanka thing. It has no plot and might wind up being a ficlet though.
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Home from vacation to find it snowing, which is odd and yet totally understandable for Calgary; it snowed during the August long weekend one year *that* was fun times.

Had a fabulous time in California. Did a bunch of stuff, saw a bunch of things, found the Saks and Neiman Marcus outlet shops...where I may have slightly overindulged. All I have to say is thank goodness for Canadian airlines with no second bag fee and ample luggage weight restrictions :) Funny thing was when we were packing it looked like I was packing for the old days to Russia, full of blue jeans and junk food.

Highlight of Jet's trip was when he was called up for Jedi Training at Disneyland. He got to fight Darth Vadar. It was pretty cool. Have to figure out how to get the pictures off the Disney photopass site though.
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Loved the fringe finale, I have ideas about what Bell meant when he spoke to Peter and hate that I may never know if I'm right.

Finishing up work so that I can head out for vacation...haven't packed yet, but did manage to put everything into a pile this morning. I know I'm going to forget something.

Trying to talk Jet into going to Knott's Berry Farm instead of LegoLand. I don't know how much the kid is going to budge.
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An hour and a half until home time!

Little list:

- At a work convention this week where I spent one morning listening to talks on the proper recovery and storage of meteorites. Not applicable in the least to work, but it was interesting.

- One week until vacation! Where I plan on acquiring the following (not available in Canada) and shipping it back home:

Chex Mix
Pretzel Goldfish
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop-Tarts
Rolling Rock beer

- Missed Fringe last night, first show in a long long time that I'm completely unspoiled for. It's an interesting feeling.
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Very late with this, but the convention was really fun and really really busy. I spent far too much money throughout the weekend, here's two of the things I bought. Love the T-shirt to death. I'm not sure where the print will go though.

There were a whole bunch of things I was going to write down, but I've forgotten them all except that I'm listening to a new radio station that plays mostly remixes of songs. And I can't find them anywhere to download. It's frustrating but also an amazing marketing thing because now I can't stop listening to the damn radio.
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Very busy at work...the amount of stuff that needs to be done by the end of June is insane. So to balance that out, I booked a trip to California for the last week in May :)

This weekend should be fantastic though because:

I'm going to see Leonard Nimoy! At the Calgary entertainment expo...which is kind of a poor mans Comic Con. We went last year and I was amazed at the number of people and costumes...I was less than impressed by the way everything was run but i think this year will be better as the con staff won't be surprised at the number of people attending.

Funny thing is; the Calgary Woman's Show is at the same time in the adjacent convention space. This amuses me to no end because I can picture the line of of women to see Victor Newman mingling in the parking lot and C-train with the guys dressed up in their (excellent) Star Wars storm trooper costumes.

I will take pictures :)
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The last few days I've had problems concentrating on reading stuff...it doesn't happen very often but every once in a while I just don't want to read anything. So that, in addition to an incredibly busy weekend has made me about a week behind on my f-list. I'm not sure if I'll get caught up with comments and such.

That being said I did join a new community [livejournal.com profile] kirk_rand which is for the Kirk/Rand love that I didn't even knew existed. Except in a few fics I'd read. And now I want more.

Easter was fun. Ate way too much, drank way too much, stayed up too late the last four nights...good times, good times.

And my father in law brought me an orchid when he came over for dinner yesterday. It's very pretty and I love it. I just have to figure out how to keep it alive.
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Adams dad is coming over for Easter Dinner on Sunday. This is the first time ever, I think, that we've spent Easter with him since he's always been with the "other" family and Adam and I have never been invited.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

I wanted to do a traditional Polish Easter dinner, until I saw how much food is involved and how much of it is made from things I will never ever touch. So I will do the eggs; because there's a neat game you play with them before dinner and Adam has fond memories of playing it with his grandfather. And I will make cheesecake; but not the yucky kind that tastes like cardboard because ewwwww.

Also, the week before Easter is a truly terrible time to try and give up sugar. mmmmmm chocolate eggs.
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I don't understand the opposition to the health care reform. Admittedly I don't know any details to form an opinion either way...but how can a step towards universal care be bad?

(I have started eye rolling every time the guy next to me is talking on the phone. I really must stop this as it's not nice. But honestly he's annoying the snot out of me )

Cleaned my house enough on the weekend to be able to say that my missing book and DVD are good and lost. Or possibly in my car...which would be odd, but you never know about these things. On the plus side I love how a clean space enhances my calm.

...oh! And I found some genuine, best quality "for real" designer boots. That I actually like, but they only go up to a size 8.5. Sadly, I suspect the knock offs great deal real thing sizes are smaller than here.
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I plan vacations like I plan work. Start with a wish list and then prioritize from there. My wish list currently has twice as many destinations as I have vacation weeks and would cost a fortune, so somethings gotta give :)

Looks like the trip to Ireland won't happen this year. Which is too bad, but I'm sure I'll go at some point. So I went looking for other places and came up with Nashville. I don't know when's a good time to go (Summer, Fall?) or what to do, but we've always wanted to go.

Also started planning a trip to Florida for the Food and Wine festival at Epcot. Because I want to go and spend way too much to eat. This may mean not going to California in the spring...since, not made of money. We'll see.

And...have lost one more thing in my house. First it was the special features disc to a movie (I am suspicious that Adam "lost" it, since he's opposed to commentary, making of, blooper reals and deleted scenes...I showed him though and bought a new one) now it's a travel book. I think I need to spend a day or two really cleaning the house.
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My work computer imploded yesterday...right when i was in the middle of reading fic. It would have been really funny if it exploded and I was reading smut...but alas.

I saw this book cover in a blog post the other day and was surprised at how much it sparked my imagination. Sadly the book hasn't been reviewed very well.

[livejournal.com profile] st_respect Ship wars is AU. I may have to write Reaper comment fic.
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Things that have made me stupidly happy this morning:

- Finding the LJ add on for Firefox that will expand all comments.

- Remembering that Firefox has a built in spell check

- http://xkcd.com/714/ Made me giggle all morning.

- Working with a team that understands the value in getting things finished in the time they said it would take.

- Should be 62 degrees tomorrow. Beers on the stoop weather!
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The babysitter just called to see if Jet could go with them to the Banff Hot Springs today. Score! That should give me enough time to do what I gotta do today and have a nap.

Gotta say, Daylight Savings blows. During the summer we've got 18 hours of light and during the winter there's 18 hours of dark. Moving the clock one hour doesn't really change much and I wish they would just pick one and stick with it.

I'm enjoying a new to me community [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic, just wish there were more prompts that I knew.
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Fic I would love to read but don't think exists:

BTVS/Merlin crossover: Anyanka hangs out with Uther.

Star Trek XI: Kirk/Carol Marcus epic story, where she's not a horrible character and it ends bittersweet yet hopeful. Or a happy ending, because that would be cool.

Doom/ST XI crossover: Reaper!McCoy/Chapel. I don't know why.

Other boring stuff...

Dropping Adam at the airport this afternoon; he's going to visit an old friend in Victoria and I get to spend the weekend not watching stupid tv shows. yay!

I'm hoping LJ is hopping for the next 3 days so that I can keep myself amused.
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There were 100% less Star Trek costumes at the symphony last night (we decided my moms jumper looked like it, but wasn't really), unfortunately there was also 100% more infants there too. I'm just glad that the dad took her away before 1812 started.

I'm finally done everything I wanted to get done today; laundry, freezer meals, banana bread and cupcakes decorated with my new icing tips.

...and now Adam and Jet are watching Alf on DVD and giggling like fools.
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I had a dream last night that my mom booked a hair appointment for me but forgot where the place was. And I was furious at her because she was no help in trying to figure out where it was.

What an odd thing for an adult to dream.
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In bullet points:

- Watching curling tonight...good Albertan boy playing for gold :)

- Always been facinated by tsunamis, especially after taking a natural disaster geophysics course in university, so I've been reading todays articles and want to correct everyone with science when they talk about how 30 cm wave is nothing.

- Adam and Jet watched the new Star Trek movie the other night while I was running, I think the timed it so I didn't have to see the sad beginning, for which I was thankful. I really really hope that one of the prompts for [livejournal.com profile] st_respect is Destiny...because I got a good bunny, but it would be better written as a collaboration I think.
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As far as Tuesdays go this one sucks already. Get to work, get my coffee just about ready to eat breakfast and I'm told to scram for a while so they can lay off my office mate, and not to say anything to anyone. So I'm without office and can't tell anyone why I'm prowling around.

And....to top it off I see the [livejournal.com profile] st_respect entries are up and I have a 3 hour meeting to go into.

Okay, that was enough woe-is-me for the day. I shall persevere.

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