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Can't believe I just had to explain to Jet that you can write on paper but not on the computer screen. Is he 18 yet?

Anyway, the point of this was to congratulate myself on just about finishing 2 more of my Kaylee fics. Still short little pieces, but what can you do?

Problem is; I wrote them on my trusty laptop but I can't read the floppy disk in the newer computer. I've had that happen at work too, works in one computer but can't read it in another. Did they do something with compatibility in XP?

(Of course I wouldn't have this problem if I hadn't dropped the silly thing and broke the USB port)
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More pictures to share.

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It's 8:23 and I have to go to bed because the boy thinks 4:45 is an acceptable wake-up time.

Somethings just not right with that.
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[livejournal.com profile] asleeper reminded me that I should update this a little more :)

After a year off I'm back at work, and it's amazing how much nothing has changed. It's like I never left, with the exception of my missing speakers and something is off with the speed at which I receive email. I talk to adults now and can read more than one page of something at a time. Quite liberating.

I haven't written one word of my nanowrimo story...so you're still ahead of me [livejournal.com profile] kashmir1. I'm thinking maybe I'll do it in December, when I've gotten used to everything again.

And pictures of the boy, who turned 1 on Tuesday

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I have not updated my journal in a long time. I feel bad, but there really isn't anything new with me. Except that I got an idea for a story, the first time in months and months, so maybe my muse is returning.

The boy, however, is growing like a weed and learning all sorts of baby things. He just learned how to crawl (see here and here) and is getting another tooth (so very soon, I hope). He also understands "no" but can't control the urge to do whatever it is, so it's like a loop of him wanting to so something and me saying no.

Here's a pic from vacation; he didn't like the water, probably because it was ice cold.
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This one's also cute:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

that's all for now, hopefully next update won't take so long.

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