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Can't believe I just had to explain to Jet that you can write on paper but not on the computer screen. Is he 18 yet?

Anyway, the point of this was to congratulate myself on just about finishing 2 more of my Kaylee fics. Still short little pieces, but what can you do?

Problem is; I wrote them on my trusty laptop but I can't read the floppy disk in the newer computer. I've had that happen at work too, works in one computer but can't read it in another. Did they do something with compatibility in XP?

(Of course I wouldn't have this problem if I hadn't dropped the silly thing and broke the USB port)
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[livejournal.com profile] holycitygirl asked a while ago about the writing process, and since it's fresh in my mind (and the boy's sleeping) I thought I'd share mine:

Start with a line of dialog or an action. Then add in one or two other bits of dialog that sound good but are in no way connected to the first.

Freak out because there's no start or end. Make up a first sentence that sucks, knowing I'll replace it later. Don't worry about the end yet, I'm sure it will all work itself out. Add most of the dialog (sans tags) and actions, starting from the middle and working out toward the start/end.

Re-read and freak out again because it sounds like a ten year old wrote it.

Add in the he said/she saids and replace the boring actions with tags. Leave handy space savers [...] where I know something else should go but can't think of what.

Create numerous one line paragraphs for dramatic effect. Also make sure there is at least one sentence fragment per hundred words.

Realize there's no exposition. At all. Add some in. Replace the first sentence and put down something that might just work for the last line. Delete the last 2 space savers because it sounds just as good without adding anything.

And that's it. What's yours?
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When you're writing do you find yourself favouring one point of view over another? To me writing the male POV is easy, but writing the female is hard.
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I signed up for Nanowrimo.

In the last 20 months I written less than 1000 words. Talk about jumping back into it with both feet.

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