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I know I haven't been posting at all, but I have been reading what everyone else writes, so that must count for something right?

I love looking back on the year and reflecting on what has happened.  Problem is, as I get older, I need some visual reminders of what exactly went on :)  Sadly, our picture taking was at a minimum this year (no x-mas pics at all...what a shame), but here's what I got anyway.

Pre-show drinks (and dinner, not pictured) at the beautiful Palliser Hotel.  My sister and I have seasons tickets to Vertigo Mystery Theatre and meet up at the hotel before the show.  We had such a good time last season that we convinced my husband and our mom to join us this season.

Crabapple trees in bloom.  Except for the three days of the year that they're in bloom, I HATE these trees.  Every bloom means an apple...and there's a ton of them (some are still on the trees now...gonna be gross when it thaws).  I did make crabapple jelly with some of the fruit in the fall...so I guess there's that.
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And that's about it for pictures.  I also got back into fitness, started running and convinced myself to try a half-marathon.  More on that next year.

Here's to a Happy New Year!

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Since all the cool kids are doing it, and I haven't updated this in 3 months....

Happy New Year!

Back from vacation, been at work 2 hours now and am bored bored bored.  I totally need to find a slack-ass job that pays fantastic and allows me to travel the majority of the year.  Had a good Christmas (minus the plague that I caught halfway through and am still trying to shake) and spent lots of time relaxing by the pool and/or beach.  There was also much eating and drinking to be had.

Wrote stuff for the McCoy/Chapel fic exchange...it was tough going at the start, but now that it's done my mind is exploding with things to write...and in weird fandoms too...like my world will not be complete if I don't write Terra Nova fic.  But that could also be the cough medicine talking.

Also so much to read; I spent most of New Years Day reading Clint/Darcy Avengers fanfic, which is eating my brain, there's a ton of yuletide fics to go through, the McCoy/Chapel fics still need to be read and I, sadly, cracked my e-reader again so I've got 4 "real" novels to finish up.  I did manage to read the first two Lord Peter Wimsey novels because they were formatted in a way that avoided the worst of the cracked screen, but the other ones...no such luck.

And I owe comments on the stuff I did read, but that might not happen until tonight, since some of it is so NSFW.
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Well, once again, it's been eleventy billion years since I've posted, but I do read my FL every day...promise.

All is well etc.etc. Looking forward to December when the work project is done and we go on vacation (1 week to Florida, then hop a plane to Cancun for Christmas week).

Looking through my Google Docs this morning and found Fic Pieces! Which is good because I'm thinking of signing up for a fic exchange and needed inspiration!

One Giles/Anya, One McCoy/Chapel )
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Watching the home run contest (as is bound to happen in my house) and in between batters we're watching movie previews and we just saw one for "Anonymous" which is a movie out in the fall about how the works of Shakespeare were written by someone else.

Now...when I was 17, I went to mini-university at the University of Calgary as a kind of prep for "real" uni, and one of the classes I went to was "25 reasons why Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare". I can't remember many of them (his father was a glover...that I remember), but as a result of that class I'm fascinated with anything that debates the topic.

I must see this film. I have books (a shocking number of books) to cross-reference and everything.

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I have now seen Gnomeo and Juliet for the 5th (or 6th) time.

And I like it.

(that is all)
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So, I'm pretty sure that work yesterday was a test...or an elaborate dare by the management team to see what it would take to make me insane. The only reason why I think it wasn't is because my dysfunctional Problem Child Development Team didn't do anything stupid all day.

Actually, I should check to make sure that Product Manager for said team didn't pull them all on a super secret (and undoubtedly bat-shit crazy) side project.

If that happened...it was totally a test.

In not work news; I really want [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang to be here, there were a couple fics that I didn't know were missing from my life until I saw the master list of pairings.
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Second to last day on vacation in California:

- it's been raining and 10 degrees at home (I think that's about 40 - 45 F), the whole time we've been gone. So the vacation has been a win from the start :)

- We're staying in a time share with a kitchen...I bought groceries at Trader Joe's and am IN LOVE. I seriously paid less there than I would have at home for non fancy-pants stuff.

- Wine is cheap and the exchange favours me. It's a match made in heaven.

- I need to figure out a way to vacation all the time. Obviously I've chosen wrong in my current job, but I don't think that roving product manager is a viable work option.

- It's been Sponge Bob Square Pants all the time on TV. Not sure what's up with this channel, but Jet is in love. Once we force him out of the pool of course.

- We met a grandma/grandpa couple that I totally want to be when I grow up. He sounds like the bear from Toy Story 3 which Jet finds amusing.

- I'm not sure what's blooming right now, but there are flowers and flowering trees everywhere. It looks and smells heavenly.

Hope everything is going well for you on this day before Friday!

Catching up

Mar. 9th, 2011 08:06 am
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New Anya icon!

First day of Lent. This year I'm going to try giving up the internet after 7pm. Because giving it up totally is crazy talk and probably impossible. Except if I was on a cruise. If I was on a cruise I would be sitting on a deck chair drinking way-too-sweet drinks and wearing my jaunty hat that I think makes me look like Daisy from the Great Gatsby.

To make everything more difficult Ship Olympics ([livejournal.com profile] st_respect) is on again, and I think they shook the teams up just enough to allow everyone to spread their wings and try something new. (Must pause here to figure out why installing .net 4 is spinning up my floppy drive)

...anyhoo, my team mates at Team Blond Ambition ([livejournal.com profile] team_kirkrand) are top notch and I think we'll have a lot of fun.
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Woke up to an extra foot or so of snow, which made the drive into work slightly challenging. But I made it and it only took 5 minutes longer than normal. I'm not sure about the rest of my co-workers though, since there's only 7 of us on the floor so far.

Watched just enough of the Superbowl half-time show to re-affirm my belief that the Black Eyed Peas are the worst live performers ever. And yet they continue to show up at events.

Also, seeing the spot for Cowboys and Aliens made me miss Firefly.
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Happy New Year to all :)

Champagne is chilling, waiting for my family to get back from the hockey game so we can share it (probably before 12 because I'm fighting a cough that won't go away), black eyed peas are soaking for tomorrow (good luck and all). Had a relaxing bath, chatted with some family and friends. Now I'm watching a Star Trek marathon on Space...10x better than the Back to the Future marathon that's been playing on AMC. All. Week.
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Happy first day of Winter!

Sunrise: 8:38
Sunset: 4:31

For a grand total of 7 hours and 53 minutes of daylight!

If the first day of winter wasn't so close to Christmas I would find it totally depressing, but as it is I'm too busy to really care. Lots of friends are back in town for the holidays so we've been visiting and entertaining...really quite nice. Shopping is almost done; big thing left is groceries for Christmas Eve...not too bad at all.

HP fic rec

Dec. 7th, 2010 08:43 am
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If there was a retweet-ish function for LJ I would have totally used it to recommend a Ron/Hermione fic that the lovely [community profile] ljs has written. But since there is not (and the post is FL'd so it would be pointless), I will search the FAQ's to figure out how to add a link :)

Proper Ron-Hermione Time by [livejournal.com profile] ljs

In work life I'm debating if it's acceptable to end an email with the phrase "I am not entertaining any further discussion on this subject", or perhaps "I've spoken my piece and counted to three." but I don't think they would get the O Brother, Where Art Thou reference. Because I know there's going to be a follow up meeting to what should be a very straight forward and simple task.
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Back from vacation; nice and relaxed. I sat under a palapa for a week and read. And ate. But that's about it. It was nice not to have to worry about looking after the boy, but we did miss him. Next time we'll probably just take a long weekend away, not the whole week.

Good part was the week we were gone it was -30 outside. Happy to have missed that.

Now my boss is on vacation for two weeks. It's going to take a whole lot of discipline to do actual work while he's gone. I should make a list to help stay focused :)
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Am contemplating doing all my Christmas shopping online at Fortum and Mason. Everyone will get a sweet treat because with shipping that's all I can afford :) Their Bucks Fizz truffles look interesting...will probably get some as a gift for myself (no link 'cause I've already closed that tab and am lazy).

I"m not speaking of the birthday party because it was two hours of hell on earth. Next year we'll take the kid to Disneyland in exchange for never having to do that again.

I joke.

Kind of.

Anyhoo. Adam got season one of the new V series for his birthday and is watching that instead of our usual Sunday Night Agatha Christie Movie. I am put out. And will continue to purchase things I can't afford online (see above) in retribution :)

Hope everyone is having a good and restful Sunday!
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What's up with me...in bullet points.

- We've had an amazing autumn this year, it's just now getting close to freezing during the day. Usually we've had many snow storms and cold by now.

- I'm glad it hasn't snowed because I don't have winter tires for my car yet. And my little car needs snow tires to get up the incredibly gentle incline to my house if there's snow on the street.

- Adam and I are going on an alone trip to Cancun/Akkumal in (yikes) 10 days. We told Jet it was a business trip and pawned him off on my parents and the dayhome for a week.

- I'm not 100% sure I'm doing [livejournal.com profile] yuletide this year, but I do have an idea of what I would offer and request if I decide to do it. I reread "Crocodile in the Sandbank" last night just in case :)

And that's about it for today. There might be more tomorrow. Possibly about my adventures in trying to plan a birthday party for a 6 year old who's friends parents don't know the meaning of RSVP dates.
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We're back from our week long trip to Ontario (with a short hop to Quebec). We were able to catch up with old friends, family and see a bunch of new things. I would post a couple of pictures, but the stupid camera has an XD card and nothing reads it...and I can't find the cable.

Toronto was nice, if wet and cold. We brought the weather with us apparently. It actually reminded me of London's second cousin. Every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of something that made me think we were in the UK. We shopped a lot (new shoes, jeans and tops for everyone it seemed), saw a few sights...we didn't go up the CN Tower, it was too busy and then the weather didn't co-operate. Saw the Terra Cotta Warriors at the ROM, way cool. Stayed in a very nice place right on Lake Ontario, the extra cost was offset by staying with family for the last half of the week, and they wouldn't let us pay for anything.

Took a train to Ottawa, 4 hours away. It was okay. I finished another Amelia Peabody mystery, I've had the first one for quite a few years; picked it up at the mystery bookshop in Seattle, but never did get past the first 2 pages. Started reading it on the plane and then bought the next two in the series while in Toronto. The heroine reminds me a lot of Anya, and of course that makes her husband Giles...and it fits. Really.

Ottawa was beautiful. My geography is so bad I didn't realize Quebec was right across the river, so we took a trip and went to the Museum of Civilization which has a wonderful Childrens area where you get a passport and then visit a bunch of interactive displays. Wedding was great, catching up with family is always fun...and tiring. We have plans to meet up again next year since a bunch of the kids got on like they knew each other for years.

Now home, catching up on email and doing laundry. Work tomorrow.
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To cap off our very cold summer it's been chilly and drizzling all week. But I don't mind, I like looking out the window and seeing the low-lying clouds come in, and the moisture has made everything greener than I can remember seeing it in a long time. My front lawn is profoundly thankful for this years rain.

But, weather like this always makes me think that I need to take another trip to England. Next year, maybe.

We're taking a trip to Toronto and Ottawa last week of the month (I should really tell my boss that I'm not going to be here) for a family wedding. I've never been to that part of Canada, I'm told it's very pretty in the fall. I cross my fingers that the trees are starting to turn and some have red leaves. We don't get that here and I want to see it.
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So after 4 years of using a laptop at home, we're back to having a desktop computer. Spent all day doing it too. Now we have an all in one (touch screen) and it's very pretty, and big, and fast. However, I am not using it now because of the lightning storm we're currently experiencing. It's hard not to boot it back up and start playing though.

One of my first missions will be to obtain and watch Sherlock. I have high hopes it will be fantastic.
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I found myself with an unexpected day at home alone as of 3:34 I have:

- Planted some lettuce seeds that I got at the agricultural fair on Thursday.

- Bought two cute windowsill containers for mini bell peppers and have been wondering where to put them so they stand a chance in the fall.

- Got a steal of a deal on some good sturdy wine glasses. When I got home I saw it was 30% off the sale price and am now wondering if I should go back and get the case (12 or 24, I'm not sure) of champagne glasses I was eyeing. I have no need for them, but for $10 how I can say no?

- Finished reading the first Harry Potter book. Jet has the Lego HP game and has been playing it (and Lego Star Wars) non stop for the past two weeks. On breaks he watches the first two HP movies (that our dayhome thoughtfully lent us). I figured I should find out what all the fuss was about. Final verdict...meh.

- Sat in the sun and had a glass of nice crisp white wine and a plate of cheese and crackers (multigrain tostitos actually, since I was out of crackers).

- Contemplated what to make for dinner. I dragged Jet to the farmers market yesterday and got a bunch of fresh veggies (yay! for fresh peas) and grain fed meats. Now to use them in creative ways before it all goes bad.
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[livejournal.com profile] summer_of_giles update:
Have abandoned the one idea for now...it sounds much better in my head than on paper. Which sucks 'cause it's pretty damn funny in my head. Slowly editing the other piece (from probably 10 years ago) so that it's not quite so purpley-prose. And there's a huge chunk missing...I have high hopes for getting that done tonight.

Where I Live Day over at [livejournal.com profile] wild_photos update:
My plan is to confirm all stereotypes and shoot pics on Friday during the Stampede Parade. Plus I've already got a couple from a few weeks ago when we were walking around the neighbourhood.

[livejournal.com profile] schmoop_bingo update:
Because I love schmoop so much I grabbed a card. The only real requirement is that I have one square filled by March(?) 2011...I like those odds :)

Card Under Here )

It should surprise no one that the SOG fic should fit the bill for one of them :)
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